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dried mugwort flowers

Wild mugwort tea 15g

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Harvested from the fields at Little Parks Farm and air-dried.

Mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris) has a variety of uses. Please consult a GP or qualified herbalist to use this herb medicinally.

Mugwort is a special plant that grows on the waysides and helps us with our journeys. It is Artemesia, related to wormwood, and it is used for protection and believed to help individuals with psychic powers to access them. It is associated with dreaming and is said to support lucid dreaming. A pillow full of silvery leaved mugwort is said to ward off nightmares, and it was worn to protect people from evil. We cannot guarantee that this tea will save you from evil but it will help you to find some calm and dreamy quality before you sleep.

* Avoid during pregnancy especially early stages because of it's stimulating action on the uterine muscles. This is only a guide to the most common uses of the herb. Please consult your GP or Medicinal Herbalist especially if you are on medication, are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.